Welcome to Integrated Ultrasound Education

August 6, 2018

Welcome to Integrated Ultrasound Education (Integrated) a new and interactive Ultrasound educational platform.

Its aim is to provide/solve your CME/CPD problems by providing online education in the comfort of your own home or on a mobile devise

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • Are you time poor and struggling to attain the required number of CPD/CME points
  • Sick of learning about the same thing??
  • Finding National and International conferences costly?
  • Want to learn something new in an online forum/source, from experienced professionals in their specialised fields?
  • Want to push the boundaries in the use of Ultrasound??
  • Are you interested in consolidating your current knowledge?
  • Want to be pushed outside your normal scope of practise??

If so then this is the Educational site for you. Please join us on this ultrasound education journey.

Please keep an eye out for our updates or contact us with anything specific you would like us to cover as educational topics. There is just so much to explore.

What do we offer:

“A passion for education and training.  A thirst for knowledge”

  1. Blog and combined Podcast – Weekly we will put forward a new topic, area of development or current discussion idea. Reviewing the Blog, listening to the podcast and providing feedback in the discussion forum will earn you 1 CME/CPD point.
  2. Webinars – Keep your eyes posted. Regular webinars will be produced.  These will cover “how to” educational topics, along with current and up to date educational.  CME/CPD points, will be included.
  3. Educational Film Library, which is constantly updated with images of normal and abnormal pathology and its varied ultrasound appearances. Enjoy using the quiz function to earn yourself CME/CPD points.
  4. Hands on Educational Seminars.

Who are we:

This site is the brain child of Gail Crawford and Narelle Morin,  two Australian sonographers with over 28 years’ experience. We share a passion for ultrasound in all its forms and uses along with education and training.